Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tag from ah soo Wahieda

1.What is your current ringtone?

2.What is your current wallpaper?

3.Do you own a picture phone?

4.If so, what was the last picture you took?
Wedding Photography

5.Go to your inbox and type what the 10th text message says?
"kn i dh agak dh,mesti ade cite puye”

6.How many contacts do you have on your phone?
just 134 n all is my friends..corparate contact on other phone..

7.Who was the last person you spoke to on your cell phone?
+60374924700-ntah sesape ntah..

8.What service do you have?
Photography-Architecture-inter n exterior design-kilang soya!!!

9.At this very moment, how many bars do you have for your service?
tade langsung

10.Who's on your speed dial numbers?

my father n mother only

11.Do you have voicemail?

12.How many contacts do you have that start with J- Who are they?
just one!!!bro Jep(sotim jie!!)

3.Who do you call the most?
bro zul

4.How many text messages do you get a month?
boleh kire lg..tk smpai seratus pun(tk femes cam mak cik wahieda pun)

15.Can you send pictures?
no!!!aku tk emsen lar..buat per nk send2?

16.What are the first 2 digits to your number?
6 n 2

17.Go to your SENT texts..what does the first one say?
“Wajib buat taw.Bt skang.Esuk i tgk..Hehe”

18.What about the 15th?
i told u!!NO NO NO n NO!!!

19.Who's the last person that you called?
i donno...

20.Last person that texted you?
mak cik femes tu ler!!

21.Last person you added to your contacts?
Ayien-die nk jual rim..tu ambik no phone die...

22.How many minutes are on your plan?
1 minute-22 cent@maxis

23.Go down to your 5th contact, who is it?


24.Wanna give out your number?
Mintak lar..Tak kisah sgt....

ayat-ayat nk no phone rupenye soalan nie...

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